Advice Alert Condition

Our center is here to provide you with helpful information regarding scams or any area alerts that arise. This page is here to inform you of the current event level with helpful information of any actual scam, event, or threat. RED = Alert, important.  YELLOW = Concerned, stay tuned.  GREEN = No concerns.

Current Condition = YELLOW

February 10th 2017:  There is a yellow alert currently in our area. A phone text message scam is going around, see below for details. Remember no banking institution is going to contact you via text message regarding your account asking for personal information.

There was a phone message from BofA (Bank of Amerca) asking for clarification of our "profile". With a phone number to call. And a different number if we think the message to us is in error. Do we have an acct. with them? I just checked my credit cards and I see that the Working Assets is B of A. Since you're more likely to have the info they want, I'll let you call them unless you want me to. 1-877-526-8680. For errors, 1-877-551-0127.Neither number matched the customer service number on the back of my VISA card. So i called the number on the back of my card, went through the usual security questions with pleasant woman in Utica New York and she searched the B of A phone and "transfer tree" and could not find either number. We agree that it might be a scam and that i should not call either number back. She also checked my account and could find no evidence of any alerts or possible fraudulent activity. So i had my husband delete the message. Spread the word - the twist of offering a number to call if you think the message might be "in error" is a new one.